The Book of Joel: A Prophet between Calamity and Hope
The Book of Joel: A Prophet between Calamity and Hope

The Book of Joel: A Prophet between Calamity and Hope

in Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies

by Elie Assis

Pages 304
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 9/25/2014
ISBN-13 9780567657183
Prophetic sayings are generally a reaction to immediate realities, and therefore attempts to understand prophetic literature without the benefit of the prophet's historical milieu are limited or inaccurate. Contrary to the prevailing opinion that Joel is post-exilic, the book is located within the exilic period, recognising the lack of any rebuke consistent with a people experiencing deep despair. The Book of Joel places great emphasis on the motif of the divine presence residing in the midst of Israel, and it is asserted that the prophet's main purpose was to bring the people to renew their connection with the Lord after the destruction of the Temple, which, though physically ruined, had not lost its religious significance. A literary and rhetorical analysis demonstrates how the prophet sought to influence his audience. Literary devices and rhetorical tools are investigated, and their relevance and contribution to the book's meanings are explored. One central feature of the book is its focus on a detailed discussion of the position and purpose of the locust plague, employing recent literary approaches.

  • Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • The Date and Meaning of the Book of Joel
  • Part I:
  • Description of the locusts, call to the people to turn to God, priests' prayer (1:2-2-17)
  • The First Pericope about the Locusts (1:2-12)
  • The Second Pericope about the Locusts (1:13-20)
  • The Third Pericope about the Locusts (2:1-14)
  • The Fourth Pericope about the Locusts, and the Priests' Prayer (2:15-17)
  • Part II
  • Divine Response to the Priests' Prayer (2:18-4:17)
  • The first Divine reply - Salvation from the Locust Plague, 2:18-27
  • The second Divine reply - Salvation for the People from National Distress 3:1-4:17
  • Outpouring of God's Spirit ans Cosmic Omens for of the Day of the Lord (3:1-5)
  • Judgement of the Nations (4:1-17)
  • The Book's Ending (4:18-21)
  • Salvation of the agriculture (4:18)
  • National Salvation (4:19-21)
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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