Anglican Evangelicals
Anglican Evangelicals

Anglican Evangelicals

in Studies In Evangelical History And Thought

by Grayson Carter

Pages 350
Publisher Paternoster Press
Published 2007
ISBN-13 9781842274019
This study examines, within a chronological framework, the major themes and personalities which influenced the outbreak of a number of Evangelical clerical and lay secessions from the Church of England and Ireland during the first half of the nineteenth century. Though the number of secessions was relatively small their influence was considerable. These secessions provoked great consternation within the Church and within Evangelicalism itself, they contributed to the outbreak of millennial speculation following the ‘constitutional revolution’ of 1828–32, they led to the formation of several new denominations, and they sparked off a major Church–State crisis over the legal right of a clergyman to secede and begin a new ministry within Protestant Dissent.


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