in Black's New Testament Commentary

by Paul Foster

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Pages 256
Publisher Continuum
Published 2016
ISBN-13 9781623565794
Foster provides the commentary on Colossians in this renowned series of biblical commentaries, under the General Editorship of Professor Morna D. Hooker (Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity Emerita in the University of Cambridge, UK).

As with other volumes in the series, the key questions for scholars are scrutinised thoroughly - questions of historicity, the use of historical traditions and sources, the relationship of Colossians to the rest of the New Testament in particular the Pauline letters, authorship, and setting. Foster examines these issues in such a way as to present the heart of the academic debate to a wider audience, as befitting to the series reputation for rigorous commentary, which not only advances the knowledge of students and pastors, but also makes a contribution to the academic discourse in its own right.

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • 1. The Text of Colossians
    • 2. Colossae the City
    • 3. The Religious Environment of First Century Colossae
    • 4. Believers in Jesus in the Lycus Valley and Phrygia
    • 5. The Theology of Colossians
    • 6. The Missing Old Testament in Colossians
    • 7. Authorship, Date, and Place of Writing
    • 8. Relationship to Earlier Pauline Epistles
    • 9. Earliest Reception in Christian Tradition
    • 10. Prosopography
    • 11. The Situation Behind the Letter
    • 12. The Structure of the Letter
  • Translation and Commentary
    • 1. Letter Opening
    • 2. Christological Teaching and Correctives
    • 3. Ethical Instruction for Renewed Existence
    • 4. Letter Conclusion
    • 5. Title
  • Bibliography
    • 1. Reference Works
    • 2. Commentaries on Colossians
    • 3. Other Secondary Literature
  • Indices
    • 1. Ancient Sources
    • 2. Modern Authors
    • 3. Subjects


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