An Introduction to the New Testament Apocrypha
An Introduction to the New Testament Apocrypha

An Introduction to the New Testament Apocrypha

in Understanding the Bible and Its World

by Fred Lapham

Pages 204
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 9/1/2003
ISBN-13 9780826469793
This book is a readable and analytical survey of those important but little-known Christian documents of the second and third centuries which are collectively referred to as the New Testament Apocrypha, and is intended to serve both as an introductory guide for interested clergy and laity, but also as a useful reference for those pursuing higher research. Questions of the manufacture of the codices, the transmission of the texts, the discovery of the lost and hidden books, and of the classification of the documents are considered, and the books are placed and critically examined in their geographical and social setting.

  • Table Of Contents
  • Introduction:
  • The Discoveries;
  • Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha;
  • Earlier-known Writings;
  • The Manuscripts;
  • The Classification of the Documents;
  • The Gospels;
  • The Acts Literature;
  • The Epistolary Writings;
  • The Apocalyptic Writings;
  • Theological Types;
  • The Gnostic Writings;
  • The Jewish-Christian Writings;
  • The "Orthodox" Writings Stylistic Differences.
  • The early history: The Sources;
    • The Judaean Church;
    • The Church in Samaria;
    • The Syrian Church;
    • The Church in Mesopotamia;
    • The Asian Church;
    • The Egyptian Church.
  • The Judean church:
    • The Epistle of Peter to James and the Contestation of James;
    • The Preaching of Peter;
    • The Ascents of James;
    • The Apocryphon of James;
    • The Two Apocalypses of James;
    • The Protevangelium of James
  • The church of Samaria:
    • The Acts of Peter;
    • The Pseudo-Clementine;
    • Recognitions and Homilies;
    • The Epistle of Peter to Philip;
    • The Gospel of the Nazaraeans;
    • The Gospel of the Ebionites
  • The church in Syria:
    • The Gospel of Peter;
    • The Gospel of Philip;
    • The Apocalypses of Peter;
    • The Apocalypses of Paul.
  • The church in Mesopotamia:
    • The Gospel of Thomas;
    • The Acts of Thomas;
    • The Book of Thomas the Contender;
    • The Infancy Gospel of Thomas.
  • The churches of Asia:
    • The Acts of John;
    • The Acts of Paul;
    • The Acts of Andrew;
    • The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles.
  • The church in Egypt:
    • The Gospel of the Egyptians;
    • The Gospel of the Hebrews;
    • The Gospel of Mary;
    • The Epistle of the Apostles;
    • The Dialogue of the Saviour
  • Epilogue - "May it not be that these sacred scriptures,hidden under the sand for so many centuries, will yet help to bring a new spirit of openness and truth to the ancient Faith?".


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