The Stories of Jesus' Birth
The Stories of Jesus' Birth

The Stories of Jesus' Birth

in Understanding the Bible and Its World

by Edwin D. Freed

Pages 184
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 4/1/2004
ISBN-13 9780567080462
Freed's highly accessible introduction, directed at students and interested non-specialists as well as scholars, explains and examines these well-known stories from a critical perspective. "Critical" is taken in the sense of judging among alternative answers to problems that arise from such study and arguing for the preferred solution. The aim of this book is to draw the reader to the gospel accounts for the purpose of evoking critical thought rather than to persuade of a particular interpretation. In pursuit of this goal, the author shows how many diverse factors, including earlier traditions, literary styles, and the theological convictions of each gospel writer, have contributed to the composition of the narratives.


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