The Torah in the Ethics of Paul
The Torah in the Ethics of Paul

The Torah in the Ethics of Paul

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Martin Meiser, Gerbern S. Oegema, Markus Müller, Folker Blischke, Heikki Leppä, Angelika Reichert, and Stefan Schreiber

Pages 168
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1/16/2014
ISBN-13 9780567127365
The relationship between Paul and Torah is often discussed in terms of Paul's theology of salvation. However it is also important in Pauline ethics. Whilst some scholars dismiss this because of a paucity of Old Testament quotations in Paul, others hint at the consensus between Paul and early Jewish tradition concerning the content of single commands. Each of these positions holds consequences for describing the relationship between Paul and Judaism in general. In order to clarify the discussion the contributors to this volume distinguish strictly between various levels of Pauline theology: the correspondence of single demands within Pauline and early Jewish ethics concerning the content, the rationale of these single demands in comparison, and the general hermeneutic basis of ethics. This is done in the context of essays on the key Pauline passages pertaining to the debate. As such this volume presents an up-to-date window into the current European debate surrounding Paul, Torah and Ethics - and into the state of discussion surrounding Paul's place within Judaism.

  • Table Of Contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Contributors
  • The Torah in Ethics of Paul - Introduction - Martin Meiser
  • Torah and Ethics in Early Judasim - Gerbern S. Oegema
  • Torah Ethics in the First Thessalonians - Markus Müller Reminder as an Approach of Pauline Ethics: Paul in an Old Testament and Hellenistic Line of Tradition - Folker Blischke
  • The Torah in Galatians - Heikki Leppä
  • A Literary Analysis of Rom 7.7-25a - Angelika Reichert
  • Law and Love in Romans 13.8-10 - Stefan Schreiber
  • The Torah in the Ethics of Paul - Martin Meiser
  • Index of References
  • Index of Authors

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