in Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries

by David Schnasa Jacobsen

Pages 224
Publisher Augsburg Fortress Press
Published 2014
ISBN-13 9780800699239
David Schnasa Jacobsen draws together the strengths of two exegetical approaches to the Gospel of Mark in this volume of the Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries series. Jacobsen takes a broad thematic approach to the first Gospel, while at the same time giving exegetical and homiletical insights about individual pericopes in their narrative context. By helping preachers and students make connections between the various lections from Mark throughout Year B in their sermons and studies, they and their parishioners will have a deeper appreciation of Mark’s unique interpretation of the Christ Event and how that influences their approach to living the Christian faith in today’s world.

With liturgical sensitivity and exegetical skill, Jacobsen provides a unique preaching resource that will build biblical literacy by assisting both preachers and listeners in understanding Mark’s Gospel as narrative-theological whole, not just as a collection of loosely related stories.

  • Contents:
  • 1. Readings from Mark in the Revised Common Lectionary in Order of the Liturgical Calendar, Year B
  • 2. Readings from Mark in the Revised Common Lectionary in Order of Mark’s Narrative
  • 3. Preachers’ Introduction to Mark’s Gospel
  • 4. Prologue to Mark’s Gospel: 1:1-15
  • 5. The Gospel’s Promising Beginnings in Galilee: 1:16-3:6
  • 6. The Gospel Mystery Deepens—The Word of Promise in Wider Fields: 3:7-6:6a
  • 7. The Rocky Way—The Word of Promise and the Disciples’ Misunderstanding: 6:6b-8:26
  • 8. Gospel Interlude—Revelation on the Way: 8:27-9:13
  • 9. Teaching and More Misunderstanding on the Way: 9:14-10:52
  • 10. The Gospel in Jerusalem: 11:1-12:44
  • 11. An Apocalyptic Farewell Address 13:1-37
  • 12. The Passion of Mark’s Gospel 14:1-15:47
  • Epilogue 16:1-8
  • Appendix: Further Preaching Resources on Mark’s Gospel


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