in Concordia Commentary

by Curtis P. Giese

Pages 538
Publisher Concordia Publishing House
Published 2021
ISBN-13 9780758616043
It could be said that the epistle of James has had a troubled history in Lutheran circles. Beyond its status as a disputed book in ancient considerations of the canon, James’s apparently contradictory teaching on faith and works can seem quite troubling. In this original translation, Rev. Dr. Curtis P. Giese tackles James with a thorough, faithful commentary. He argues that the book is truly scriptural, written by James the half-brother of Christ, and that the teaching on justification is reconcilable with the rest of the scriptures. Giese treats recent scholarship, giving particular focus to the various interpretations of the structure of James, whether as a disjointed collection of semi-essays or an intentional, integrated narrative. He also extensively treats the reception of James by Luther and the Reformers in the face of pressures from the Roman church.

  • Several escursus essays on James in Luther and Reformation thought
  • An overview of the canonicity of James

Additional Essays
  • The Eschatological Focus of James
  • Old and New Testament Connections in James
  • Reception of James in the Early Church
  • Luther and the Lutheran Confessions on Justification in James 2:14-26


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