Text, Translation, Theology: Selected Essays on the Hebrew Bible
Text, Translation, Theology: Selected Essays on the Hebrew Bible

Text, Translation, Theology: Selected Essays on the Hebrew Bible

in Society for Old Testament Study Monograph Series

by Bertil Albrektson

Pages 154
Publisher Ashgate Publishing
Published 2010
ISBN-13 9780754669081
Text, translation, theology - the three nouns in the title indicate the main fields of Old Testament study which are covered in this collection of essays. Text refers both to the history of biblical texts and to problems of textual criticism. Translation of the Hebrew Bible as a philological task is a central subject in several essays. Theology does not define what the essays are but what some of them are about: religious ideologies are objects of enquiry. Bertil Albrektson gathers together a selection of his essays, some of which have become classics, which were written on separate occasions and published in different, sometimes rather remote, places. They cover more than four decades of research, and for the first time they are now brought together in this accessible volume.

Bertil Albrektson is a Swedish Old Testament scholar of international repute, awarded the Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies by The British Academy in 2003. His writing was characterized by the late Professor P.R. Ackroyd of King's College, London, as 'a model of learning, clarity and dry humour'. This volume offers a unique resource to current scholars of biblical studies.

  • Contents:
  • Preface;
  • Introduction;
  • The background and origin of the theology of Lamentations;
  • On the syntax of 'I am who I am' in Exodus 3:14;
  • Reflections on the emergence of a standard text of the Hebrew Bible;
  • Some observations on two oracular passages in 1 Sam.;
  • Difficilior lectio probabilior: a rule of textual criticism and its use in Old Testament studies;
  • Etymological semantics: response to J.C. Greenfield;
  • Translation and emendation;
  • Ezekiel 30:16 – a conjecture;
  • A disputed sense in a covenant context: on the interpretation of Genesis 15:6;
  • Masoretic or mixed: on choosing a textual basis for a translation of the Hebrew Bible;
  • Indexes


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