The Principles of Biblical Interpretation
The Principles of Biblical Interpretation

The Principles of Biblical Interpretation

by Louis Berkhof

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Pages 176
Publisher Baker Books
Published 6/1/1981
ISBN-13 9780801005497
Much of the present day confusion in the realm of religion, and in the application of Biblical principles, stems from distorted interpretation and misinterpretation of God's Word. That is true even in those circles which adhere unwaveringly to the infallibility of Holy Scripture.

We are convinced that the adoption and use of sound principles of interpretation in the study of the Bible will prove surprisingly fruitful. We believe that this is one means which "the Spirit of truth" is please to use in leading His people "into all truth." It is with this in mind that we offer this book for individual guidance in the study of Scriptures, and particularly for use in seminaries and Bible schools. The early adoption of valid procedure in Biblical interpretation will lead the devoted kingdom worker to a life of useful service for the advancement of God's kingdom. - From the Preface

Table of Contents:

Introduction History of Hermeneutical Principles Among the Jews History of Hermeneutical Principles in the Christian Church The Proper Conception of the Bible, the Object of Hermeneutica Sacra Grammatical Interpretation Historical Interpretation Theological Interpretation


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