Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary
Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary

Exploring Ruth: A Devotional Commentary

in Exploring the Bible

by Iain D. Campbell

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Pages 144
Publisher DayOne Publications
Published 9/3/2010
ISBN-13 9781846252273
The Book of Ruth is not the longest of the books of the Bible—it contains only four chapters of text. Yet its significance is immense. Ruth was a young woman from Moab, who came to be part of the covenant community of God’s people. Consequently, she is one of only a handful of women mentioned in the genealogy of Christ: she begins as a stranger to God’s people, and ends up as a mother of God’s Messiah. This remarkable story is both an example and an illustration of how sinners like us can become partakers of God’s covenant salvation. In Ruth’s story, God’s grace worked in her life, bringing her from a place where she was far away from God, into an inheritance of covenant blessing. And just as she found her rest and satisfaction in her marriage to her redeemer, Boaz, so we find ours through union with the great Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. Read the story of Ruth—and let the power of God’s amazing grace grip your soul!


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Michael A. Wright Michael A. Wright June 19, 2020
If there were a 3.5 star rating, I would likely chose this as my honest review. This commentary is a helpful aid for studying Ruth with insightful historical context & nuance not understood by surface reading. This commentary is very "devotional" in nature as the subtitle indicates. It is thus not highly academic in its presentation, making it accessible to the layperson. I did notice lack of precision in accurate detail in few places. In one instance the commentator mentions "corn" in referring to the harvest. This would most certainly have been barley in context as Ruth returns with Naomi in Bethlehem to "the House of Bread." I would not allow this oversight to discount the otherwise helpful content in this devotional commentary. One would be wise to consult this resource in their study of this precious Old Testament book.