New Testament Introduction
New Testament Introduction

New Testament Introduction

in College Press NIV Commentary

by David A. Fiensy

Pages 370
Publisher College Press Publishing Company
Published 8/1/1995
ISBN-13 978-0899006420
In this concise historical survey, the first introduction to the New Testament written by a member of the Stone-Campbell Movement since J.W. McGarvey's Evidence of Christianity in 1888, Fiensy assesses the evidence for the authorship and date of each New Testament book. What is new about this work, however, is the author's attention to historical and cultural background information. The author introduces the reader to the historical, religious, and social life of Jesus. Fiensy then surveys the four Gospels and the beginning of the early church. He introduces the remainder of the New Testament with a chapter on the religious and social background of the Greco-Roman world followed by chapters on the life of Paul, the Pauline letters, the General Epistles, and Revelation. This important survey ends with a chapter on the Text and Canon of the New Testament. Dr. Fiensy uses the latest archaeological and textual evidence to help illumine many passages in the New Testament. Illustrations, tables, and appendixes contribute in making this book a valuable resource tool for college students and general readers alike.


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