Psalms: Volume 2
Psalms: Volume 2

Psalms: Volume 2

in College Press NIV Commentary

by Walter Zorn

Pages 542
Publisher College Press Publishing Company
Published 2004
ISBN-13 978-0899008882
Psalms is a book not only to read but to meditate upon. Taking refuge in Yahweh as the true King is the answer to the renewed hopes of the people of God. Each psalm has its own "personality." In contrast to the first volume of this series, volume two will keep the entire framework of the Psalter in mind as each psalm is studied. The Psalms should never be read simply as individual psalms, neglecting the context of the whole. The New Testament authors used the Psalms extensively as a source for teaching about God's reign through Jesus, his Messiah. There are aspects of his kingdom that we will not realize until the second coming of our King. Until then, we will continue to marvel at God's reign over us in the past as well as in the present and future. This commentary introduces each psalm, giving the reader an idea of its origins, setting, date, and structure before beginning a verse-by-verse exegesis of the text. When it seems helpful, attention is sometimes given to the particular psalm's relationship to others around it and its canonical placement.


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