in Concordia Commentary

by Andrew E. Steinmann

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Pages 719
Publisher Concordia Publishing House
Published 11/1/2009
ISBN-13 9780758603203
Proverbs inculcates God’s wisdom through didactic sayings that teach prudence and discretion for the life of faith, which is contrasted to the foolish ways of the world. Some sections of Proverbs are connected thematically while others feature short, pithy aphorisms that challenge the interpreter. Dr. Steinmann, a seasoned scholar and prolific author, meticulously analyzes the individual proverbs within their larger contexts, tracing the recurring themes, motifs, and patterns within the complex literary structure of the book as a whole. He painstakingly explains the historical setting, authorship, and composition of the proverbs that have been collected to form this book of Scripture. This treasury of divine knowledge reveals God the Son, who is “the way, the truth, and the life.” Through faith in him, God endows us with insight and guidance on the path of everlasting salvation.


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A.E. Carnehl A.E. Carnehl June 11, 2019
Steinmann's commentary is certainly conservative: he accepts Solomonic authorship, believes the book was completed by editors between 686 and 457 B.C., and asserts the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit. While this may be a reason for many readers to reject it and look for something more critical, those readers would do wisely to consult this volume. No Proverbs commentary offers the wealth of insight on the Hebrew language that this one does, and perhaps no other book connects Proverbs so beautifully to Christ's atoning work. It is, without a doubt, a unique and fascinating contribution to Proverbs studies.