Romans: A Short Commentary
Romans: A Short Commentary

Romans: A Short Commentary

by Robert Jewett

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Pages 248
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 6/1/2013
ISBN-13 9780800699383
Robert Jewett's 1,000-page commentary on Romans in the Hermeneia series (2008) was a landmark in the interpretation of Paul's most complex— and some would say, most important—letter: "a new benchmark for the genre"(David deSilva); "readable and profound" (Luise Schottroff); "the new authoritative reference work for scholars" (Daniel Patte). It has also been the focus of international conferences and conversations ever since its publication.

Taking account of those far-reaching conversations, Jewett now brings the best insights of the larger commentary into a more compact and accessible form, ideal for use in college and graduate courses.


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Abram K-J Abram K-J January 20, 2014
I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could. The quality of scholarship is high, except this volume seems to be missing exegesis on the first portion of Romans 16, and what is there is not compelling. Other parts of the commentary are good, though, and it's a nice distillation of his larger work. Read more at the link. [Full Review]