Jeremiah 26–52
Jeremiah 26–52

Jeremiah 26–52

in International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament

by Carolyn J. Sharp

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Pages 480
Publisher Kohlhammer
Published 12/31/2021
ISBN-13 9783170200838
This commentary illumines Jer 26-52 through historical, literary, feminist, and postcolonial analysis. Ideologies of subjugation and resistance are entangled in the Jeremiah traditions. The reader is guided through narratives of extreme violence, portrayals of iconic allies and adversaries, and complex gestures of scribal resilience. Judah's cultural trauma is refracted through prose that mimics Neo-Babylonian colonizing ideology, dramatic scenes of survival, and poetry light with the desire for vengeance against enemies. The commentary's historical and literary arguments are enriched by insights from archaeology, feminist translation theory, and queer studies.


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