Jeremiah 1–25
Jeremiah 1–25

Jeremiah 1–25

in International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament

by Christl M. Maier

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Pages 470
Publisher Kohlhammer
Published 6/30/2023
ISBN-13 978-3-17-020084-5
The commentary interprets Jeremiah 1-25 as a dramatic text: In laments, accusations, and announcements of doom, a polyphonic message about the fall of Jerusalem and Judah emerges. The colorful and sometimes disturbing texts deal with a cultural trauma and try to develop an image of God that is capable of explaining history and at the same time conveys hope for a better future. The female personification of Jerusalem provides an emotional and compassionate portrait of the people, giving voice to their experiences of wartime violence and destruction. The persecuted prophet Jeremiah wrestles with God on behalf of the people.


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