Canon and Biblical Interpretation
Canon and Biblical Interpretation

Canon and Biblical Interpretation

in Scripture and Hermeneutics Series

by eds. Bartholomew, Craig G.; Hahn, Scott; Parry, Robin A.; Seitz, Christopher R.; Wolters, Al

Pages 464
Publisher Zondervan
Published 1/1/2006
ISBN-13 9781842270714
Drawing on a broad array of contributors, volume seven of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Series assesses the current state of canonical interpretation and uses that as a starting point for exploring ingredients in theological interpretation of the Bible today. Canon and Biblical Interpretation begins with a masterful examination of the canonical approach and the various criticisms that have been leveled against it. Additional chapters look at canonical interpretation in relation to different parts of the Bible, such as the Pentateuch, the Wisdom books, the Psalms, and the Gospels. Articles address such issues as canonical authority and the controversial relationship between canonical interpretation and general hermeneutics. A unique chapter explores the relationship between academic exegesis and lectio divina.


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