Renewing Biblical Interpretation
Renewing Biblical Interpretation

Renewing Biblical Interpretation

in Scripture and Hermeneutics Series

by eds. Bartholomew, Craig G.; Greene, Colin; Möller, Karl

Pages 400
Publisher Zondervan
Published 12/1/2000
ISBN-13 978-0310234111
"Renewing Biblical Interpretation" is the first of eight volumes from the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar. This annual gathering of Christian scholars from various disciplines was established in 1998 and aims to re-assess the discipline of biblical studies from the foundation up and forge creative new ways for re-opening the Bible in our cultures. Including a retrospective on the consultation by Walter Brueggemann, the contributors to "Renewing Biblical Interpretation" consider three elements in approaching the Bible - the historical, the literary and the theological - and the underlying philosophical issues that shape the way we think about literature and history.


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