Isaiah 40–55
Isaiah 40–55

Isaiah 40–55

in Concordia Commentary

by R. Reed Lessing

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Pages 700
Publisher Concordia Publishing House
Published 12/1/2011
ISBN-13 9780758602688


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Lessing’s invigorating exposition will help pastors make the original text more accessible and understandable. He’s careful to keep the larger biblical storyline in mind as he writes, and he offers a fresh theological interpretation of Isaiah 56–66, the often-neglected concluding chapters of the prophecy, demonstrating their continuity with Isaiah 1–55. He shows how the closing chapters bring Isaiah’s ‘righteousness’ and ‘servant’ themes to culmination with the inclusion of Gentiles in the people of God. [Full Review]
JD JD December 6, 2013
Dr. Lessing was one of my professors, so perhaps I am a tad biased, but I've always found his work to be top-notch. His commentary on Isaiah 40-55 is fantastic...complete and well-researched. I especially found his explanation on the progression of the identity of the Servant to be illuminating and helpful.