Exodus: An Exegetical Commentary
Exodus: An Exegetical Commentary

Exodus: An Exegetical Commentary

by Victor P. Hamilton

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Pages 832
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2011
ISBN-13 9780801031830
Victor Hamilton, a highly regarded Old Testament scholar with over thirty years' experience in the classroom, offers a comprehensive exegesis of the book of Exodus. Written in a clear and accessible style, this major, up-to-date, evangelical, exegetical commentary opens up the riches of the book of Exodus. Hamilton relates Exodus to the rest of Scripture and includes his own translation of the text. This commentary will be valued by professors and students of the Old Testament as well as pastors.


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G Ware G Ware October 1, 2019
Hamilton provides his own translation, which is quite good, textual notes, and exposition which is at the high end of semi-technical, so not scholarly to the point of being inaccessible to non-specialists. A great fit for pastors, upper-level theology students, and even scholars.