The Message of the Word of God
The Message of the Word of God

The Message of the Word of God

in Bible Speaks Today

by Tim Meadowcroft

Pages 304
Publisher Inter-Varsity Press
Published 2012
ISBN-13 9780830824144
"Any coherent comment on what the Bible says about the Bible, the Christian Scriptures," says Tim Meadowcroft, "must address the wider notion that God speaks." Accordingly, Meadowcroft offers fresh, wide-ranging expositions of key passages in both Testaments on the character and power of God's word. These passages highlight the extraordinary, fundamental reality that God speaks--and that when he speaks, he acts--both through the world he created and uniquely in the text of Scripture. Further, in the New Testament we hear that God speaks fully in Christ, the incarnate Word. Yet, the author emphasizes, God still speaks today. His voice continues to be heard in the light of Christ and through the reading of Scripture. Throughout this book Meadowcroft shows how God's speaking is concerned with his glory, and calls into being his people--who themselves are to live out and declare the word of God to others.


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