The Role of Women (When Christians disagree)
The Role of Women (When Christians disagree)

The Role of Women (When Christians disagree)

by I. Howard Marshall, Shirley Lees, Elizabeth Catherwood, David Field, Michael Griffiths, Valerie Griffiths, James B. Hurley, Daphne Key, and Joyce G. Baldwin

Pages 224
Publisher Inter-Varsity Press
Published 1984
ISBN-13 9780851107219
  • Contents
  • When Christians disagee: Introducing the series
  • Introducation: Women, equal but different
  • Starting-points - Shirley Lees
  • Part 1. Woman in the home - Elizabeth Catherwood
  • Headship in marriage: the husband's view - David Field
  • Response: Michael Griffiths, Valerie Griffiths
  • Mankind: male and female - Valerie Griffiths
  • Husband/wife relationships: a practical Christian viewpoint - Michael Griffiths
  • Response: David Field, Elizabeth Catherwood
  • Part 2. Women in ministry - James b. Hurley
  • Women in the church - Daphne Key
  • Response: I. Howard Marshall, Joyce Baldwin
  • Women's ministry: a new look at the biblical texts - Joyce Baldwin
  • The role of women in the church - I. Howard Marshall
  • Response: Daphne Key, James B. Hurley
  • Where do we go from here? - Shirley Lees

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