Worship Theology and Ministry in the Early Church
Worship Theology and Ministry in the Early Church

Worship Theology and Ministry in the Early Church

in Library of New Testament Studies

by I. Howard Marshall, Lynn A. Losie, Leslie C. Allen, Leon Morris, Ernest Best, Donald Guthrie, Graham N. Stanton, Donald A. Hagner, Colin Brown, James D. G. Dunn, Andrew T. Lincoln, Terence Paige, E. Earle Ellis, Marianne Meye Thompson, Gerald F. Hawthorne, Colin G. Kruse, Peter T. O'Brien, Eduard Schweizer, and Michael J. Wilkins

Pages 391
Publisher Sheffield Academic Press
Published 1/1/1993
ISBN-13 9781850754176
This volume of essays is dedicated to Professor Ralph Martin of the University of Sheffield, formerly Director of the Graduate Studies Program at Fuller Theological Seminary, widely known for his incisive and disciplined scholarship on the New Testament. The editors called on associates from his various teaching posts, former students, and colleagues in the field for these original essays, the range of which reflects Professor Martin's own broad interests in New Testament studies, worship and ministry. Contributors to the volume are: Ernest Best, Colin Brown, James Dunn, E. Earle Ellis, Donald Guthrie, Donald Hagner, Gerald Hawthorne, Colin Kruse, Andrew Lincoln, I. Howard Marshall, Leon Morris, Peter T. O'Brien, Terence Paige, Eduard Schweizer, Graham Stanton, Marianne Meye Thompson and Michael J. Wilkins, with a curriculum vitae and reminiscences supplied by Lynn A. Losie and Leslie Allen.

  • Contents:
  • Ralph Philip Martin : curriculum vitae / compiled by Lynn A. Losie
  • Personal reminiscences / Leslie C. Allen
  • The saints and the synagogue / Leon Morris
  • The use of credal and liturgical material in Ephesians / Ernest Best
  • Aspects of worship in the book of Revelation / Donald Guthrie
  • Aspects of early Christian and Jewish worship : Pliny and the kerygma petrou / Graham Stanton
  • Righteousness in Matthew's theology / Donald A. Hagner
  • The unjust steward : a new twist? / Colin Brown
  • "The body of Christ" in Paul / James D.G. Dunn
  • Abraham goes to Rome : Paul's treatment of Abraham in Romans 4 / Andrew T. Lincoln
  • Stoicism, [edgegoeria] and community at Corinth / Terence Paige
  • The parousia in the New Testament--and today / I. Howard Marshall
  • Pseudonymity and canonicity of New Testament documents / E. Earle Ellis
  • Intercession in the Johannine community : 1 John 5.16 in the context of the Gospel and Epistles of John / Marianne Meye Thompson
  • Faith : the essential ingredient of effective Christian ministry / Gerald F. Hawthorne
  • The price paid for a ministry among Gentiles : Paul's persecution at the hands of the Jews / Colin G. Kruse
  • The Gospel and godly models in Philippians / Peter T. O'Brien
  • The priesthood of all believers : 1 Peter 2.1-10 / Eduard Schweizer
  • The interplay of ministry, martyrdom, and discipleship in Ignatius of Antioch / Michael J. Wilkins.

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