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The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts Tannehill, Robert C. 764 1989
Household Conversion Narratives in Acts: Pattern & Interpretation Matson, D. L. 224 LNTS 1996
The Theology of the Acts of the Apostles Jacob, Jervell 160 NTT 1996
The Things Accomplished Among Us: Prophetic Tradition in the Structural Pattern of Luke-Acts (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement) Denova, Rebecca I. 264 LNTS 1997
World Upside Down: Reading Acts in the Graeco-Roman Age Rowe, C. Kavin 312 2010
Thirty Years That Changed the World: The Book of Acts for Today Green, Michael 288 2004
Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History Hemer, Colin J. 482 1990
Jerusalem to Rome: Studies in the Book of Acts Kent, Jr., Homer A. 224 1974
Conversion in Luke-Acts: Divine Action, Human Cognition, and the People of God Green, Joel B. 224 2015
Reading Acts in the Discourses of Masculinity and Politics Petterson, Christina; Conway, Colleen; Wilson, Brittany E.; Stroup, Christopher; Walton, Steve John; Skinner, Matthew L.; Winter, Bruce W.; Parsons, Mikeal C.; Rossing, Barbara 224 LNTS 2017
Acts of the Apostles and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism Billings, Drew W. 248 2017
The Rhetoric of the Gospel, Second Edition: Theological Artistry in the Gospels and Acts Black, C. Clifton 250 2013
The Past as Legacy: Luke–Acts and Ancient Epic Bonz, Marianne Palmer 240 2000
The Book of Acts: Form, Style, and Theology (Fortress Classics in Biblical Studies) Dibelius, Martin 228 2004
A Feminist Companion to the Acts of the Apostles eds. Levine, Amy-Jill 256 FCB 2004
The First Christian Historian: Writing the 'Acts of the Apostles' Marguerat, Daniel 312 2002
The Divine in Acts and in Ancient Historiography eds. Shauf, Scott 224 2015
Journeying through Acts: A Literary-Cultural Reading Spencer, F. Scott 278 2004
The Acts of The Apostles: An Introduction and Study Guide Matthews, Shelly 112 SGNT 2017
Intrusive God, Disruptive Gospel: Encountering the Divine in the Book of Acts Skinner, Matthew L. 208 2015
A Theology of Luke and Acts: God’s Promised Program, Realized for All Nations Bock, Darrell L. 496 BTNT 2012
The Followers of Jesus as the 'Servant': Luke’s Isaianic Model for the Disciples in Luke-Acts Beers, Holly 208 LNTS 2015
The Feasts of Repentance: From Luke-Acts to Systematic and Pastoral Theology Ovey, Michael J. 192 NSBT 2019
Proclamation from Prophecy and Pattern: Lucan Old Testament Christology Bock, Darrell L. 418 LNTS 1997
'And so we Came to Rome ': The Political Perspective of St Luke Walaskay, Paul W. 136 SNTSMS 2005
Christ the Lord: A study in the purpose and theology of Luke-Acts Franklin, Eric 241 1975
Community and Gospel in Luke-Acts: The Social and Political Motivations of Lucan eds. Esler, Philip Francis 288 SNTSMS 1989
Luke's Literary Achievement: Collected Essays eds. Tuckett, Christopher M. 232 LNTS 1996
Luke's Portrait of Paul Lentz Jr., John Clayton 208 SNTSMS 2004
The Departure of Jesus in Luke-Acts: The Ascension Narratives in Context Parsons, Mikeal C. 301 LNTS 1988
The Gentiles and the Gentile Mission in Luke-Acts Wilson, Stephen G. 308 SNTSMS 2005
The Plan of God in Luke-Acts Squires, John T. 244 SNTSMS 2004
The Portrait of Philip in Acts: Study of Roles and Relations Spencer, F. Scott 320 LNTS 1992
The Holman Apologetics Commentary on the Bible: The Gospels and Acts Bock, Darrell L.; Wilkins, Michael J.; Evans, Craig A.; Köstenberger, Andreas J. 800 2013
Acts Bock, Darrell L. 800 2013
The Genre of Acts and Collected Biography Adams, Sean A. 332 SNTSMS 2013
Geography and the Ascension Narrative in Acts Sleeman, Matthew 314 SNTSMS 2009
The Speeches of Outsiders in Acts: Poetics, Theology and Historiography Padilla, Osvaldo 284 SNTSMS 2011
The Assumed Authorial Unity of Luke and Acts: A Reassessment of the Evidence Walters, Patricia 256 SNTSMS 2009
The Exorcism Stories in Luke-Acts: A Sociostylistic Reading Klutz, Todd E. 312 SNTSMS 2006
The Preface to Luke's Gospel: Literary convention and social context in Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1 Alexander, Loveday 268 SNTSMS 2005
The Theological Tendency of Codex Bezae Cantebrigiensis in Acts Epp, Eldon Jay 228 SNTSMS 2005
The Problem of the Text of Acts Strange, W. A. 276 SNTSMS 2005
Matthew and Paul: A Comparison of Ethical Perspectives Mohrlang, Roger 260 SNTSMS 2004
The First Christian Historian: Writing the 'Acts of the Apostles' Marguerat, Daniel 312 SNTSMS 2004
The Spirit and the 'Other': Social Identity, Ethnicity and Intergroup Reconciliation in Luke-Acts Kuecker, Aaron 296 LNTS 2013
Genre and Narrative Coherence in the Acts of the Apostles Bale, Alan 240 LNTS 2014
The Kingdom according to Luke and Acts: A Social, Literary and Theological Introduction Kuhn, Karl Allen 320 2015
Interpreting the Book of Acts Liefeld, Walter L. 142 GNTE 1995
Luke’s Christology of Divine Identity Henrichs-Tarasenkova, Nina 224 LNTS 2015
The Davidic Shepherd King in the Lukan Narrative Harris, Sarah 192 LNTS 2016
Luke's Literary Creativity Wittkowski, Vadim; Watson, Francis; Kahl, Werner; Müller, Mogens; Bormann, Lukas; Valve, Lotta; Lear, Joseph Michael; Gustafsson, Daniel; Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland; Willert, Niels; Friis, Martin; Nordgaard, Stefan 288 LNTS 2016
Characters and Characterization in Luke-Acts Resseguie, James L.; Darr, John A.; Cocksworth, Hannah M.; Gowler, David B.; Spencer, F. Scott; Bennema, Cornelis; Green, Joel B.; Walton, Steve John; Wilson, Brittany E.; Adams, Sean A.; Snyder, Julia A.; Fowl, Stephen E.; Dicken, Frank E. 536 LNTS 2016
The Fate of the Jerusalem Temple in Luke-Acts An Intertextual Approach to Jesus' Laments Over Jerusalem and Stephen's Speech Smith, Steve 208 LNTS 2016
Representations of the Afterlife in Luke-Acts Somov, Alexey 556 LNTS 2017
The Development of Early Christian Pneumatology: with Special Reference to Luke-Acts Menzies, Robert P. 370 LNTS 1991
Paul and the Heritage of Israel: Paul's Claim upon Israel's Legacy in Luke and Acts in the Light of the Pauline Letters Vielhauer, Philipp; Flichy, Odile; Hays, Richard B.; Wolter, Michael; Marguerat, Daniel; Mount, Christopher; Moessner, David P.; Butticaz, Simon; Pervo, Richard I.; Brookins, Timothy A.; Parsons, Mikeal C.; Reynolds, Peter; Schröter, Jens; Sterling, Gregory E.; Dettwiler, Andreas; Clivaz, Claire; Redalie, Yann; Landolt, Jean-Francois 400 LNTS 2012
Narrative Asides in Luke-Acts Sheeley, Steven 208 LNTS 2015
Jewish Responsibility for the Death of Jesus in Luke-Acts Weatherly, Jon A. 307 LNTS 1995
The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts: The Promise and its Fulfilment in Lukan Christology Strauss, Mark L. 413 LNTS 1995
Through Many Tribulations: The Theology of Persecution in Luke-Acts Cunningham, Scott 376 LNTS 1997
The Blind, the Lame and the Poor: Character Types in Luke-Acts Roth, S. John 253 LNTS 1997
Transitivity-Based Foregrounding in the Acts of the Apostles: A Functional-Grammatical Approach to the Lukan Perspective Martín-Asensio, Gustavo 288 LNTS 2000
The Finger of God and Pneumatology in Luke-Acts Woods, Edward J. 312 LNTS 2001
Dynamic Reading of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts Hur, Ju 378 LNTS 2004
Failure and Prospect: Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16:19-31) in the Context of Luke-Acts Bredenhof, Reuben 240 LNTS 2018
Miracle and Magic: A Study in the Act of the Apostles and the Life of Apollonius of Tyana Reimer, Andy M. 298 LNTS 2003
The Bezan Text of Acts: A Contribution of Discourse Analysis to Textual Criticism Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny 392 LNTS 2003
From Followers to Leaders: The Apostles in the Ritual Status Transformation in Acts 1-2 Estrada, Nelson P. 296 LNTS 2004
The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae: A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny; Rius-Camps, Josep 392 LNTS 2004
Foreign but Familiar Gods: Greco-Romans Read Religion in Acts Kauppi, Lynn Allan 224 LNTS 2006
Echoes of Scripture in Luke-Acts: Telling the History of God's People Intertextually Litwak, Kenneth D. 256 LNTS 2005
Acts in its Ancient Literary Context Alexander, Loveday 304 LNTS 2007
The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 2): A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition, Volume 2 Rius-Camps, Josep; Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny 416 LNTS 2006
A Graeco-Roman Rhetorical Reading of the Farewell Discourse Stube, John C. 256 LNTS 2006
The Samaritan Mission in Acts Samkutty, V. J. 272 LNTS 2006
Rhetorical Texture and Narrative Trajectories of the Lukan Galilean Ministry Speeches: Hermeneutical Appropriation by Authorial Readers of Luke-Acts Spencer, Patrick 264 LNTS 2007
Finding Herem? A Study of Luke-Acts in the Light of Herem Park, Hyung Dae 240 LNTS 2007
The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 3): A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition: Acts 13.1-18.23 Rius-Camps, Josep; Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny 416 LNTS 2007
The Reading and Transformation of Isaiah in Luke-Acts Mallen, Peter 258 LNTS 2008
The Gentile Mission in Old Testament Citations in Acts: Text, Hermeneutic, and Purpose Meek, James A. 192 LNTS 2009
The Roman Empire in Luke's Narrative Yamazaki-Ransom, Kazuhiko 256 LNTS 2010
The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae: Volume 4: A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition, volume 4 Acts 18.24-28.31: Rome Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny; Rius-Camps, Josep 434 LNTS 2009
Hearing Between the Lines: The Audience as Fellow-Worker in Luke-Acts and its Literary Milieu Maxwell, Kathy 224 LNTS 2010
Reading Acts Today Burridge, Richard A.; Phillips, Thomas E.; MacDonald, Dennis R.; Spencer, F. Scott; Matlock, R. Barry; Green, Joel B.; Dunn, James D. G.; Hornik, Heidi J.; Parsons, Mikeal C.; Marshall, I. Howard; Marguerat, Daniel; Walton, Steve John 256 LNTS 2011
Prayer and Vindication in Luke – Acts: The Theme of Prayer within the Context of the Legitimating and Edifying Objective of the Lukan Narrative Holmas, Geir O. 320 LNTS 2011
How to Kill Things with Words: Ananias and Sapphira under the Prophetic Speech-Act of Divine Judgment (Acts 4.32-5.11) McCabe, David R. 296 LNTS 2011
Special Studies in Luke
Luke-Acts in Modern Interpretation (Milestones in New Testament Scholarship) Porter, Stanley E.; Fay, Ron C. 304 2022
The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts Schreiner, Patrick 192 NTTCr 2022
Together for the World: The Book of Acts Wagenman, Michael R. 112 TW 2016
Luke-Acts: Texts @ Contexts eds. Grimshaw, James P. 217 TaC 2020

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