Special Studies in 1 & 2 Chronicles

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Worlds that Could Not Be: Constructing Utopia in Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah Stordalen, Terje; Snyman, Gerrie; Uhlenbruch, Frauke; Schweitzer, Steven J.; Polaski, Donald C.; Ben Zvi, Ehud; Jendrek, Matthias; Willi, Thomas; Geoghegan, Vincent 224 LHBOTS 2016
War in Chronicles: Temple Faithfulness and Israel's Place in the Land Cudworth, Troy D. 256 LHBOTS 2016
'Sit At My Right Hand': The Chronicler's Portrait of the Tribe of Benjamin in the Social Context of Yehud Giffone, Benjamin D. 256 LHBOTS 2016
The Levite Singers in Chronicles and Their Stabilizing Role Ko, Ming Him 224 LHBOTS 2017
The Chronicler’s History Noth, Martin 200 LHBOTS 1997
1 and 2 Chronicles Braun, Roddy L. 144 WBT 2020
1 and 2 Chronicles: An Introduction and Study Guide Allen, Leslie C. 160 SGOT 2021
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