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Ancient Texts For New Testament Studies: A Guide To The Background Literature Evans, Craig A. 539 2005
Dictionary of New Testament Background: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship eds. Evans, Craig A.; Porter, Stanley E. 1328 IVPBDS 2000
The New Testament in Its World - An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians Wright, N. T.; Bird, Michael F. 800 2019
John Keener, Craig S. 272 ZIBBC 2019
Acts Arnold, Clinton E. 304 ZIBBC 2019
Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography Chilton, Bruce D. 330 2000
New Testament Age: Essays in Honor of Bo Reicke, Volumes 1 and 2 Marshall, I. Howard; Cullmann, Oscar; Aalen, S.; Barnard, L.; Barrett, Charles K.; Benoit, P.; Black, Mark C.; Bruce, F. F.; Caird, George B.; Carmignac, J.; Corsani, Bruno; Dalton, W.; Davies, W. D.; Dupont, Jacques; Farmer, William R.; Flusser, David; Friedrich, Gerhard; Fuller, R.; Gerhardsson, Birger; Grösser, E.; Klijn, A. F. J.; Lampe, G. W. H. ; Leivestad, R.; Lindars, Barnabas; Lövestam, Evald; Malatesta, Edward; Metzger, Bruce M.; Michel, Otto; Morris, Leon; Mussner, Franz; Orchard, John B.; Riesenfeld, Harald; Robinson, John A. T. ; Rordorf, Willy; Ruckstuhl, Eugen; Schelkle, Karl Herrmann; Schnackenburg, Rudolf; Spicq, Ceslaus; Stauffer, Ethelbert; Torrance, Thomas F.; Vanhoye, Albert; Van Unnik, W. C. 578 1984
Readings from the First-Century World: Primary Sources for New Testament Study Elwell, Walter A.; Yarbrough, Robert W. 224 EBS 1998
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins Fitzmyer, Joseph A. 308 SDSSRL 2000
Corinthian Wisdom, Stoic Philosophy and the Ancient Economy Brookins, Timothy A. 288 SNTSMS 2014
The Judaean Poor and the Fourth Gospel Ling, Timothy J. M. 264 SNTSMS 2006
The Myth of a Gentile Galilee Chancey, Mark A. 248 SNTSMS 2004
The New Testament Christological Hymns: Their Historical Religious Background Sanders, Jack T. 176 SNTSMS 2004
Medicine, Miracle and Magic in New Testament Times Kee, Howard Clark 188 SNTSMS 1988
Attitudes to Gentiles in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity Sim, David C.; Runia, David T.; Collins, John J.; McLaren, James S.; Theophilos, Michael P.; Binder, Donald; Tuckett, Christopher M.; Winter, Sean F.; Elmer, Ian J.; Dowling, Elizabeth V.; Coloe, Mary L.; Cadwallader, Alan; Draper, Jonathan A. 320 LNTS 2013
Honour and Conflict in the Ancient World: 1 Corinthians in its Greco-Roman Social Setting Finney, Mark T. 312 LNTS 2013
Religious Diversity in the Graeco-Roman World Cohn-Sherbok, Dan; Court, John M. 240 UBW 2005
Reading and Writing in the Time of Jesus Millard, Alan R. 188 UBW 2004
The Septuagint Dines, Jennifer 216 UBW 2004
Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods: Volume 1: Life, Culture and Society Fiensy, David A.; Strange, James Riley; Deines, Roland; Jensen, Morten Hørning; Chancey, Mark A.; Levine, Lee I.; Caulley, Scott; Horsley, Richard A.; Berlin, Andrea; Reed, Jonathan; Poirier, John C.; Safrai, Ze’ev; Choi, Agnes; Mattila, Sharon Lea; Oakman, Doug; Overman, Andrew; Udoh, Fabian 352 2014
The Way of the Lord: Christian Pilgrimage Today Wright, N. T. 127 2014
New Testament Background: Selected Documents: Revised and Expanded Edition Barrett, Charles K. 400 1995
The Many Faces of Herod the Great Marshak, Adam Kolman 2015
Judaism and Christianity in First-Century Rome Donfried, Karl P.; Richardson, Peter 343 1998
The Jewish World around the New Testament Bauckham, Richard J. 560 2010
Illiterate Apostles: Uneducated Early Christians and the Literates Who Loved Them Hilton, Allen 224 LNTS 2018
The Seleucid and Hasmonean Periods and the Apocalyptic Worldview Grabbe, Lester L.; Boccaccini, Gabriele; Atkinson, Kenneth; Oegema, Gerbern S.; Portier-Young, Anathea E.; Gruen, Erich 272 LSTS 2016
The World of the New Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts Green, Joel B.; McDonald, Lee Martin 640 2013
Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective: Volume 1 Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. 2016
Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective: Volume 2 Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. 680 2017
Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective: Volume 3 Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. 506 2017
Paul and the Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition Huttunen, Niko; Thorsteinsson, Runar M.; Pitts, Andrew W.; Ajluni, Bahij; Briones, David E.; Gupta, Nijay K.; McFarland, Orrey; Buch-Hansen, Gitte; Worthington, Jonathan; Brookins, Timothy A.; Dodson, Joseph R.; Tabb, Brian J.; Nygaard, Matthias; Pierce, Madison N. 288 LNTS 2017
Composite Citations in Antiquity: Volume 2: New Testament Uses Adams, Sean A.; Ehorn, Seth M.; Menken, Maarten J. J.; Moyise, Steve P.; Porter, Stanley E.; Williams, Catrin H.; Reasoner, Mark; Ciampa, Roy E. 224 LNTS 2017
Memory in Jewish, Pagan and Christian Societies of the Graeco-Roman World Mendels, Doron 181 LSTS 2004
The Noble Death: Graeco-Roman Martyrology and Paul's Concept of Salvation Seeley, David 190 LNTS 1990
Herod Antipas Hoehner, Harold W. 436 SNTSMS 1972
Yeshua: The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective: Volume 4 Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. 426 2017
The Christian World around the New Testament Bauckham, Richard J. 560 2017
Power and Politics in Palestine: The Jews and the Governing of Their Land, 100 BC-AD 70 McLaren, James S. 248 LNTS 1991
Striking New Images: Roman Imperial Coinage and the New Testament World Kreitzer, Larry J. 258 LNTS 1996
The Graeco-Roman Context of Early Christian Literature Garrison, Roman 130 LNTS 1997
Paul, Luke and the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Alexander J.M. Wedderburn Räisänen, Heikki; Bell, Richard H.; Jewett, Robert; Thrall, Margaret E.; Wischmeyer, Oda; Klein, Hans; Hoegen-Rohls, Christian; Hahn, Ferdinand; Aune, David E.; Moessner, David P.; Porter, Stanley E.; Wolff, Christian; Bauckham, Richard J.; Kuhn, Heinz-Wolfgang; Dunn, James D. G. 314 LNTS 2003
Christians as a Religious Minority in a Multicultural City: Modes of Interaction and Identity Formation in Early Imperial Rome Kunst, Christiane; Lampe, Peter; Williams, Margaret H.; Noy, David; Labahn, Michael; Hodge, Caroline Johnson; Pitta, Antonio; O'Neill, J. C.; Zangenberg, Jürgen K.; Meiser, Martin; Dunderberg, Ismo; Wehnert, Jürgen 216 LNTS 2004
The Gospel of Matthew in its Roman Imperial Context Riches, John K.; Sim, David C. 212 LNTS 2005
Competing Identities: The Athlete and the Gladiator in Early Christian Literature Seesengood, Robert 192 LNTS 2007
The Roman Empire in Luke's Narrative Yamazaki-Ransom, Kazuhiko 256 LNTS 2010
Jesus in Jerusalem: The Last Days Schnabel, Eckhard J. 704 2018
In Stone and Story: Early Christianity in the Roman World Longenecker, Bruce W. 304 2020
The Ancient Mediterranean Social World: A Sourcebook eds. Crook, Zeba A. 336 2020