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All Books on Intertextuality

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Dictionary of the New Testament Use of the Old Testament eds. Beale, G. K.; Carson, D. A.; Gladd, Benjamin L.; Naselli, Andrew David 1108 2023
Intertextuality and the Reading of Midrash (Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature) Boyarin, Daniel 176 1994
The Hermeneutics of Christological Psalmody in Paul: An Intertextual Enquiry Scott, Matthew 240 SNTSMS 2014
Searching the Scriptures: Studies in Context and Intertextuality Gignilliat, Mark S.; Hultin, Jeremy F.; Hood, Jason B.; Dennert, Brian C.; Rainbow, Jesse; Aus, Roger D.; Notley, R. Steven; Garcia, Jeffrey; Rindge, Matthew S.; Hakala, Diane; Sheridan, Ruth; Kirk, J. R. Daniel; Lee, Yongbom; Gignac, Alain; LePort, Brian; Bunta, Silviu N. 336 LNTS 2015
Isaiah Old and New: Exegesis, Intertextuality, and Hermeneutics Witherington III, Ben 524 2017
Reading the Bible intertextually Alkier, Stefan; Moyise, Steve P.; Schneider, Michael; Reinmuth, Eckart; Huizenga, Leroy Andrew; Wilk, Florian; Hays, Richard B.; Grohmann, Marianne; Aichele, George; Möllendorff, Peter von; Schmitz, Thomas A.; Orosz, Magdolna; Heimbrock, Hans-Günter 334 2015
Echoes of Scripture in Luke-Acts: Telling the History of God's People Intertextually Litwak, Kenneth D. 256 LNTS 2005
Early Christian Literature and Intertextuality: Volume 1: Thematic Studies Noll, K. L.; Borchardt, Francis; Goff, Matthew J.; Scott, Ian; Pennington, Jonathan T.; Donne, Anthony Le; Lanfer, Peter T.; Nir, Rivka; Reed, Annette Yoshiko; Hwang, Jin; Moyise, Steve P.; Baxter, Wayne; Gheorghiță, Radu; Canty, Aaron 320 LNTS 2009
Early Christian Literature and Intertextuality: Volume 2: Exegetical Studies Wesselius, Jan-Wim; Leonhardt-Balzer, Jutta; Notley, R. Steven; Becker, Scot; Lane, Nathan; Nash, Steven; Runge, Steven E.; Goff, Matthew J.; Sprinkle, Preston M.; Miller, Troy A.; Punt, Jeremy; Liebengood, Kelly D.; Quek, Tze-Ming; Bucur, Bogdan C. 264 LNTS 2009
The Figure of Abraham in John 8: Text and Intertext Sheridan, Ruth 480 LNTS 2019
Old Testament Use of Old Testament: A Book-by-Book Guide Schnittjer, Gary Edward 1104 2021
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