Special Studies in Philippians

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All Books on Special Studies in Philippians

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Reconstructing Honor in Roman Philippi: Carmen Christi as Cursus Pudorum Hellerman, Joseph H. 252 SNTSMS 2005
Philippians Hawthorne, Gerald F. 128 WBT 2020
The Price of Partnership in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: "Make My Joy Complete" Jennings, Mark A. 256 LNTS 2017
Reading Philippians: A Theological Introduction (Cascade Companions) Gupta, Nijay K. 132 2020
The Preacher’s Greek Companion to Philippians: A Selective Commentary for Meditation and Sermon Preparation McDonough, Sean M. 256 PGrkC 2023
The Theology of the Shorter Pauline Letters Donfried, Karl P.; Marshall, I. Howard 220 NTT 1993
Consolation in Philippians: Philosophical Sources and Rhetorical Strategy Holloway, Paul A. 224 SNTSMS 2005
Philippians: From People to Letter Oakes, Peter 248 SNTSMS 2007
Carmen Christi: Philippians ii. 5-11 in recent interpretation and in the setting of early Christian worship Martin, James D. 380 SNTSMS 2005
Zeal Without Knowledge: The Concept of Zeal in Romans 10, Galatians 1, and Philippians 3 Ortlund, Dane C. 208 LNTS 2014
Paradigms of Being in Christ: A Study of the Epistle to the Philippians Smit, Peter-Ben 224 LNTS 2015
The Function of Suffering in Philippians Bloomquist, L. Gregory 235 LNTS 1992
A Discourse Analysis of Philippians: Method and Rhetoric in the Debate over Literary Integrity Reed, Jeffrey T. 525 LNTS 1997
Oral Biblical Criticism: The Influence of the Principles of Orality on the Literary Structure of Paul's Epistle to the Philipians Davis, Casey W. 196 LNTS 1999
Reading Philippians after Supersessionism: Jews, Gentiles, and Covenant Identity Zoccali, Christopher 188 NTaS 2017
Enemies of the Cross of Christ: The Terminology of the Cross and Conflict in Philippians Williams, Demetrius K. 298 LNTS 2002
Submission within the Godhead and the Church in the Epistle to the Philippians: An Exegetical and Theological Examination of the Concept of Submission in Philippians 2 and 3 Park, M. Sydney 224 LNTS 2007
John Chrysostom on Paul: Praises and Problem Passages eds. Mitchell, Margaret M. 882 WGRW 2022
Philippians: An Introduction and Study Guide Marchal, Joseph A. 112 SGNT 2017
Self-Giving Love: The Book of Philippians Flemming, Dean 96 TW 2021
Philippians Brown, Derek R. LRC 2013

Forthcoming Works

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forthcoming Gupta, Nijay K. The Theology of Philippians and Philemon New Testament Theology
forthcoming Park, M. Sydney Philippians New Word Biblical Themes: New Testament Series
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