Scriptural Interpretation of Scripture

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Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament eds. Beale, G. K.; Carson, D. A. 1280 2007
Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul Hays, Richard B. 254 1993
Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament: Exegesis and Interpretation Beale, G. K. 192 2012
The Conversion of the Imagination: Paul as Interpreter of Israel's Scripture Hays, Richard B. 233 2005
Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels Hays, Richard B. 524 2016
The Old Testament in Revelation: Notes from the Naked Bible Podcast Heiser, Michael S. 320 2021
It Is Written: Scripture Citing Scripture: Essays in Honour of Barnabas Lindars, SSF Marshall, I. Howard; Day, John; Anderson, A. A.; Clements, Ronald E.; Brock, Sebastian P.; Alexander, Philip S.; Chilton, Bruce D.; Chester, Andrew; Rowland, Christopher; Wilcox, Max; Stanton, Graham N.; Hooker, Morna D.; Barrett, Charles K.; Carson, D. A.; Smith, Dwight Moody; Hanson, Anthony T.; Bauckham, Richard J.; Beale, G. K. 404 1988
John's Use of the Old Testament in Revelation Beale, G. K. 443 LNTS 2014
Reading Jesus's Bible: How the New Testament Helps Us Understand the Old Testament Goldingay, John 270 2017
The Old Testament in the New Testament: Essays in Honour of J.L. North Moyise, Steve P.; Casey, Maurice; Goulder, Michael D.; Instone-Brewer, David; Menken, Maarten J. J.; Fletcher-Louis, Crispin H. T.; Lieu, Judith M.; North, Wendy E. S. ; Doble, Peter; O'Neill, J. C.; Hooker, Morna D.; Jones, Ivor H.; Paul, Ian; North, J. Lionel 304 LNTS 2000
A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Meaning and Function of the Old Testament in Revelation 21.1-22.5 Mathewson, David L. 288 LNTS 2003
The Synoptic Gospels and the Psalms as Prophecy Subramanian, J. Samuel 192 LNTS 2008
Deuteronomy in the New Testament: The New Testament and the Scriptures of Israel Lim, Timothy H.; Moyise, Steve P.; Menken, Maarten J. J.; Rusam, Dietrich; Labahn, Michael; Ciampa, Roy E.; Rosner, Brian S.; Steyn, Gert; Häfner, Gerd; Tilly, Michael 208 LNTS 2007
The Reading and Transformation of Isaiah in Luke-Acts Mallen, Peter 258 LNTS 2008
The Minor Prophets in the New Testament Leonhardt-Balzer, Jutta; Breytenbach, Ciliers; Ham, Clay Alan; van de Sandt, F.; Menken, Maarten J. J.; Moyise, Steve P.; Gheorghiță, Radu; Jobes, Karen H.; Jauhiainen, Marko 192 LNTS 2009
The Gentile Mission in Old Testament Citations in Acts: Text, Hermeneutic, and Purpose Meek, James A. 192 LNTS 2009
Psalm 22 and the Crucifixion of Jesus Vitalis Hoffman, Mark G. 288 LNTS 2011
Torah in the New Testament: Papers Delivered at the Manchester-Lausanne Seminar of June 2008 Crossley, James G.; Ermakov, Arseny; Dettwiler, Andreas; Römer, Thomas; Rückl, Jan; Winter, Sean F.; Marguerat, Daniel; Butticaz, Simon; Steffeck, Emmanuelle; Oakes, Peter; Matlock, Barry; Brooke, George J.; Tait, Michael; Tomes, Roger; Downing, Gerald; Conway-Jones, Ann 304 LNTS 2010
Scriptural Allusions in the New Testament Light from the Dead Sea Scrolls By Allison, Jr., Dale C. 70 2019
Old Testament Use of Old Testament: A Book-by-Book Guide Schnittjer, Gary Edward 1104 2021
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