Extra-Biblical Literature Studies

A list of the best books on Extra-Biblical Literature Studies ranked by scholars, journal reviews, and site users.

All Books on Extra-Biblical Literature Studies

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Four Powers in Heaven: Interpretation of Daniel 7 in the Testament of Abraham Munoa, Phillip B. 160 LSTS 1998
Composite Citations in Antiquity: Volume 1: Jewish, Graeco-Roman, and Early Christian Uses Adams, Sean A.; Ehorn, Seth M.; Williams, Margaret H.; Royse, James R.; Norton, Jonathan D. H.; Allen, Garrick V.; Bobichon, Philippe; Albl, Martin C.; Stanley, Christopher D. 224 LNTS 2015
Flavius Josephus, between Jerusalem and Rome Bilde, Per 272 LSTS 1988
Do You Not Remember? Scripture, Story and Exegesis in the Rewritten Bible of Pseudo-Philo Fisk, Bruce Norman 376 LSTS 2001
Understanding Josephus: Seven Perspectives eds. Mason, Steve 250 LSTS 1998
In the Shelter of Elyon: Essays on Ancient Palestinian Life and Literature Merrill, A. L.; Spencer, John R.; Barrick, W. Boyd; Glazier-McDonald, B.; de Boer, P. A. H.; Habel, Norman C.; L'Heureux, C. E.; Pardee, D.; Seters, J. Van; Haran, Menahem; Kapelrud, A. S.; Ottosson, M.; Otzen, B.; Sjöberg, A. W.; Widengren, G.; Ackroyd, Peter R.; Herrmann, S.; Kaufman, S. A.; Overholt, Thomas W.; Sasson, Jack M. 330 LHBOTS 1984
'The Uppsala School' of Biblical Studies Merrill, A. L.; Spencer, John R. 330 LHBOTS 1984
G.W. Ahlström in Profile Barrick, W. Boyd 330 LHBOTS 1984
G.W. Ahlström: A Bibliography Glazier-McDonald, B. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Parentheses in a Snowstorm: G.W. Ahlström and the Study of Ancient Palestine Barrick, W. Boyd; Spencer, John R. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Psalm 81.6a: Observations on Translation and Meaning of One Hebrew Line de Boer, P. A. H. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Role of Elihu in the Design of the Book of Job Habel, Norman C. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Redactional History of Isaiah 5.1-10.4 L'Heureux, C. E. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Semantic Parallelism of Psalm 89 Pardee, D. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Joshua 24 and the Problem of Tradition in the Old Testament Seters, J. Van 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Shining of Moses' Face: A Case in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Iconography Haran, Menahem 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Prophets and the Covenant Kapelrud, A. S. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Prophet Elijah's Visit to Zarephath Ottosson, M. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Heavenly Visions in Early Judaism: Origin and Function Otzen, B. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Eve and the Chameleon Sjöberg, A. W. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Yahweh's Gathering of the Dispersed Widengren, G. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Biblical Interpretation of the Reigns of Ahaz and Hezekia Ackroyd, Peter R. 330 LHBOTS 1984
King David's State Herrmann, S. 330 LHBOTS 1984
A Reconstruction of the Social Welfare Systems of Ancient Israel Kaufman, S. A. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Thoughts on the Use of Charisma in Old Testament Studies Overholt, Thomas W. 330 LHBOTS 1984
The Biographic Mode in Hebrew Historiography Sasson, Jack M. 330 LHBOTS 1984
Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas: A History of the Gospel and its Growth DeConick, April D. 320 LNTS 2005