Brazos Theological Commentary

Leading theologians read and interpret scripture for today's church, providing guidance for reading the Bible under the rule of faith. Each volume in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible is designed to serve the church--through aid in preaching, teaching, study groups, and so forth--and demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bible.

General Editor:- R. R. Reno

Series editors:- Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017), Robert Louis Wilken, Ephraim Radner, Michael Root, George Sumner.



? Raith II, Charles Job
? Winner, Lauren F. Psalms 51–100
? Martens, Paul Isaiah
? Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Jeremiah
? Jordan, James B. Zechariah and Haggai
? McDermott, John Michael Mark
? Marshall, Bruce John
? Yeago, David Romans
? Bender, Kimlyn J. 1 Corinthians
? Laytham, Brent 2 Corinthians
? Greene-McCreight, Kathryn Galatians
? Nelson, R. David Hebrews
? George, Timothy James
? Root, Michael Letters of John