in Continental Commentary

by Hans Walter Wolff

4.33 Rank Score: 4.61 from 3 reviews, 0 featured collections, and 3 user libraries
Pages 112 pages
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 8/1/1988
ISBN-13 9780800695125
In this distinguished commentary, Wolff's task is to defend Haggai as much more than a minor prophet. He was a man whose feet were placed firmly on the ground, one of the dominating figures of the postexilic community, the main instigator of the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple, and so responsible for inaugurating a new era in Jewish history.


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Longman observes, “Wolff, as usual, is clear, concise, and insightful. He sees Haggai as a ‘model of communication.’ After all, Haggai [in his view] was the one who got the Israelites to rebuild the temple. Wolff critically analyzes the book as the result of three ‘growth rings’: Haggai’s proclamation, the work of a Haggai chronicler, and interpolations.” [Full Review]
Form critical perspective. Not as detailed as some of Wolff's other commentaries. [Full Review]