Jeremiah and Lamentations
Jeremiah and Lamentations

Jeremiah and Lamentations

in Kerux Commentaries

by Duane A. Garrett and Calvin Pearson

Pages 416
Publisher Kregel Academic
Published 2022
ISBN-13 9780825425677
Jeremiah and Lamentations approaches two historically related yet literarily distinct books of the Old Testament, carefully attending to their composition and application. Garrett and Pearson draw out the crucial themes and structures of Jeremiah: the hope of eschatological salvation nestled in the center of an expertly crafted exploration of human sin in all its blindness, perversity, and persistence. Lamentations wrestles with the unanswered questions of a community in exile, sobered by judgment and wondering whether God intends to abandon Israel entirely. Garrett and Pearson examine both Old Testament texts through the lens of Jesus, clarifying the parallels and fulfillments essential for Christian preaching.


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